Hey there, loves, I'm stoked you’re here. 

I’m so excited that you landed here, whether you are here to book with me or not. It’s cool to know that people I've not yet met can see my work and reach out. I love that every connection I make is an opportunity to learn about another beautiful journey a person has taken in the world. I remember a little 15-year-old me getting her first camera and booking shoots right away; she would be super stoked you’re here too. Photography has always been my journey; I went to Art School for it and have been set on it ever since. The ability to get to know people and create beautiful relationships, being trusted to capture so many authentic stories, is mind-blowing. I pride myself on never trying to be like anyone else. I’d love for ya’ll to stick around and get to know my goofy self and see if we vibe. 

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Professional photography has never been more important in an age when anyone can buy a camera and capture memories. 

Bold statement, right? As your photographer, my aim is more than just taking pictures. I’m all about getting to the authentic you, understanding your story and how you tick, what lights your soul on fire and what makes you the real, messy you. In an age when anyone can buy a camera and capture memories, our job as photographers needs to be more than that; it’s about photographing images that authentically tell your story; it’s about encouraging and cheerleading you into making memories that last a lifetime. 

Professional photography is more than just some images; it’s an experience you’ll never forget. I want you to come out of our session feeling confident, carefree and ready to dance through life again and come away with something that will last a lifetime. 

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take a look around

take a look around

Whether you’re marrying your best friend or starting a business adventure, memorable photos are an essential part of telling and sharing your story. It is my life goal to take the story of you and create a memorable experience that you can share with your nearest and dearest for generations to come. Whether the goal is to share a new business with the world or share your love story with your future great-great-grandchildren, no story is ever insignificant; it's the smallest stories that add to the most significant chapters. 

Our life's journeys are there to be shared, felt and enjoyed, they are there to inspire and move those around us




Nicole did a phenomenal job! I originally chose her because I absolutely loved the aesthetic of her photo editing, but after working with her during our engagement shoot I realized that her talent extends WAY beyond that. She was incredibly easy to communicate and work with. I would definitely recommend Nicole to anyone! 

Danielle S

Nicole was an incredible photographer! I could not have asked for better engagement and/or wedding photos.On both the day of the engagement session and the wedding day, she makes the process simple and easy. She ends up doing so much more than just taking your photos, she helps to keep the schedule on track, helps button your dress, and keeps the vibes going. Nicole could likely take photos with any background, and I mean ANY background, but they would still be incredible - she has a true skill and art for taking photos and you will not be disappointed.

Rae C

Deciding to have Nicole photograph our wedding was one of the best decisions we made while wedding planning. Communication was so clear leading up to the day, she kept the day moving/ on schedule, and the album of endless pictures left us in awe. Her work is breathtaking and just absolutely stunning. Nicole went above and beyond from start to finish.

Hannah G