I'm thrilled to have you here, whether you're considering booking with me or just browsing. It's fascinating that people I haven't met yet can discover my work and reach out. Every connection is a chance to learn about another beautiful journey in the world.

I still remember the 15-year-old me with her first camera, eagerly booking shoots. She'd be super excited that you're here too. Photography has always been my journey; I pursued it in Art School and have been dedicated ever since. Getting to know people, building relationships, and being trusted to capture their stories is truly mind-blowing.

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Professional photography has never been more important in an age when anyone can buy a camera and capture memories. 

It's a bold statement, isn't it? As your photographer, my goal goes beyond just taking pictures. I'm dedicated to capturing the authentic you—understanding your story, what ignites your soul, and embracing the real, messy you. In an era where anyone can buy a camera and capture memories, being a photographer means more than just that. It's about creating images that genuinely narrate your story and cheering you on to make lasting memories. 

When it comes to planning engagement sessions or your wedding, I want you to feel not just comfortable but excited. Whether you're the chill type who trusts my eye for locations or if you prefer a more hands-on approach, I'm not just here for it—I'm all in. If you want to dive deep into creating a specific vision, count on me to go the extra mile. We can hop on a call to discuss and figure out a shoot that will not only be fun but also uniquely tailored to you.

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Whether you’re marrying your best friend or starting a business adventure, memorable photos are an essential part of telling and sharing your story. It is my life goal to take the story of you and create a memorable experience that you can share with your nearest and dearest for generations to come. Whether the goal is to share a new business with the world or share your love story with your future great-great-grandchildren, no story is ever insignificant; it's the smallest stories that add to the most significant chapters. 

Our life's journeys are there to be shared, felt and enjoyed, they are there to inspire and move those around us