My photography style is driven by candid emotion and a creative documentary approach. I'm open to anything that tells your unique story. My mission is to capture the wild and crazy love between you both. While I'll guide you for traditional poses, my focus is on those candid moments—the ones you might not consciously think about but feel deep in your heart. These images, showcasing the beautiful connection you share, will transport you back to those memories, keeping them alive forever.

meet nicole

Hey guys, I'm so glad you’re here; I’m Nicole, it's nice to meet you!

After high school, I enrolled at Cleveland State University for two years but found it lacking the challenge I craved. Seeking a more fulfilling path, I transferred to The Cleveland Institute of Art, where I earned my Fine Art degree in four years.
To be honest, at first I didn't envision myself as a wedding photographer; it was a means to support my education. However, over time, I discovered a genuine connection with my clients and developed a passion for capturing artistic and candid moments. As I matured, so did my appreciation for the artistry in wedding photography.

Throughout my time in school, my perspective on concepts and subjects evolved. Despite facing skepticism for pursuing the commercial route at an art school and photographing weddings, I embraced the challenge. My motivation was clear—to prove that weddings are a unique and beautiful form of art. 

my story

While recognizing the success of many self-taught photographers, I've occasionally pondered if formal education was necessary for my journey. Despite occasional thoughts, my time in school has profoundly influenced my approach, providing a strong foundation that has shaped my identity as a photographer. The continuous learning in the dynamic field of photography is a testament to its ever-evolving nature, and I remain committed to growth.

Understanding that the way we live is a canvas for creative expression—our fashion choices, relationships, and the joy we share—I believe in the power of deep, meaningful connections. It's in these connections that I find the most beauty, inspiration, and creativity, reinforcing my belief in the significance of both formal education and lifelong learning on this photographic journey.

Hey there! I'm Nicole, a photographer with a decade of experience. It's amazing how photography is embraced today. While my parents supported me, choosing photography at a young age, I felt different compared to my high school peers aiming for traditional or Ivy League paths. After a summer program at NYU in my Junior year, where I fell in love with film and digital photography, I'm thrilled to say I stuck with my passion. Now, I'm living my dream as a wedding photographer. 

As a child, I cherished flipping through my parents' wedding album. The highlight wasn't just seeing them but witnessing everyone—family and friends—dancing and enjoying themselves. It's incredible how different they all looked. Whenever I revisit those photos, I'm amazed at how time has passed and how some people are no longer with us.

The excitement for me lies in capturing similar memories for others. I envision their kids, grandchildren, or future generations looking at my photos the way I do at my parents'. Perhaps, my work might inspire others to explore photography and pursue it as an art form. The legacy we create through these images is truly boundless.

The stories we leave behind are everything to those who come next.